Comix Reader’s Richard Cowdry

Second in our series of casual interviews with Comix and Small Pressers, DAP chats with Richard Cowdry. Underground Comix veteran and awesome guy! Morning Rich, hows it going? It’s all fine. I’m just back from Copenhagen. I went to Christiania  among other places. Christiana! I went there a coupla years ago! But too hectic for […]


In the run up to this year’s Takeover: AP’s Dimitri Pieri in conversation with Keara Stewart – all round lovely lady and awesome small presser. Hey Keara, how’s it going? Cool, thanks. I’ve booked a day of annual leave to work on some drawing projects. My work space today is my mum’s garden, with Mr […]


T minus 19 days till #Takeover 2015 How did that happen?! After months of planning and countless number of meetings, spreadsheets, and floorplans, we’re crazy excited that Takeover 2015 is finally just around the corner! And in keeping with an AP tradition – this is a call for flyer designs! We love it when you […]

Interview with Elizabeth Querstret!

Hi Elizabeth, nice to meet you earlier! Thanks for giving us some work for the art show and zines for the pop-up! So, tell us a bit about yourself and your work… It was nice to meet you too – and very funny waiting at the door looking at everyone like they’re the person I’m […]

THE HOTNESS! An Interview with Sina Sparrow. x

Hey Sina, hows it going? First, can you tell a little bit about yourself… Hey I’m doing alright, just doing some boring work stuff so this is a fun distraction. My name is Sina Sparrow, I’ve been making self-published comics and zines since I was 16, which was a long time ago. My comics and […]

2014: Taking over, picnicing & popping – up!

We’ve had a proper exciting 2014 so far: our friends at the London Radical Bookfair invited us to help them TAKEOVER over the Bishopsgate Institute in May – we had the most awesome day and since then, we’ve been busy planning for TAKEOVER #2 in 2015 – get in touch if you’d like to be […]


Its all going on! With the TAKEOVER happening in just 3 days we thought it was high time we share the seriously awesome poster submissions we received – find them adorning the streets of London town! Pierre-Julien Fieux Iselle Maddocks Pip Burrows Saint Buttercup Tom Dunn And Mark Beechill of lessthan500 sent us not only […]


After months and months of planning and a countless number of meetings, we are so excited to announce that we’re collaborating with the awesome London Radical Bookfair for the MAY 10 TAKEOVER. And on top of that we’re so in love with the flyer Kevin Ward designed for us! Feeling this warm and fuzzy has […]

Its cold outside – WARM UP WITH ZINES

Blurgh… Its here… its really here…dreaded WINTER… I will not go outside unless there are VERY VERY GOOD reasons to do so…. unfortunately for me there are so many… Three very good reasons now and in the next couple of weeks: THOUGHT BUBBLE, on now till 24th November, Leeds             […]


Our friends BOON MAGAZINE & U-BEND presents: BOON MAGAZINE ISSUE 3 ZINE FAIR OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE NOVEMBER 1OTH. Send your zines to: Boon Magazine, Flat 1, 30 Spring Street, Brighton, BN1 4AR ZINE FAIR FRIDAY 15TH NOVEMBER. TELL EVERYONE For more info email