We’re incredibly excited to be part of the team bringing Small Press Day to the masses – a celebration of self-publishing, DIY culture, and grassroots comics and zines across the U.K and Ireland.

In 2016 an idea born on twitter led to a series of nationwide events in a matter of weeks.

The inaugural Small Press Day proved to be a phenomenal success. It was a celebratory day – designed to spotlight the possibilities of small press publishing and to introduce its practitioners to the far wider audience they deserve. No less than 25 events championing the small press were held across the UK and Ireland – all at the same time on the same sunny day in July – resulting in #SmallPressDay to trend throughout.

This trend continued to grow in 2017, 2018, and in 2019 – which saw SPD get bigger and better. Over the last four years, thousands have joined us for shop signings, fairs, panels, and workshops, and to meet with the next generation of superstar comic creators, zine makers, and DIY micro publishers.

Full listings for all years here:

We’re busy planning Small Press Day 2020 – get in touch if you would like to take part. And join us next year to support your local self publishers and to celebrate all things small press.

Keep up to date with the latest SPD news by following @SmallPressDay  on twitter.


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