International Alternative Press Festival 2011

With its history traceable to the eighteenth century, and with roots integral to the growth of science-fiction, punk, and political movements, the humble zine is considered to be the ultimate form of tangible self-expression. The term, evolving beyond its origins from ‘fanzine’ and sub-culture, has now become loosely defined to encompass all self-published work with a print run of 1000 or less (usually less – much much less). In recent years, the rise in popularity of the zine has introduced a new generation to the art-form, resulting in more events, library spaces, and websites dedicated to the small press. A DIY revival and new technologies lend themselves to this – making it easier to become designer, producer, and publisher, and inspiring more people to get involved… And that’s where we come in.

We are Alternative Press – a collective of artists dedicated to encouraging creativity through self publishing, zine-making, and beyond.

Since forming in 2008, we have organised about 20 events or so – most being small press fairs where artists, comix makers, and zinesters were invited to sell and showcase their printed goods – as well as talks and workshops, open mic and poetry nights, public live drawing/music/acting improvisations, public/artist make-a-zine-in-a-day collaborations, and picnics. We have also been publisher and small press distro – promoting the small press scene in the U.K and across the waters.

In 2014 we hosted the inaugural TAKEOVER event at Bishopsgate Institute in collaboration with the London Radical Bookfair and held our first 3 day Pop Up Shop in Greenwich to great success. 

In the spring of 2015, we exhibited at The Birds Nest, celebrated Virginia Woolf, and hosted the second event in the Takeover series.

More information about past AP events can be found here


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