Interview with Dave Greene

The Alternative Press International Festival programme features an exhibition showcasing the work of David Ziggy Greene, an internationally acclaimed London based cartoonist. July 21st to August 5th, the Orbital gallery will hosting HUNG.  Dave introduces himself below!  –  Dave, could you tell readers what it is you do? I guess I draw stuff. All sorts of stuff. Good stuff? You have to decide. You’re playing a big part in the […]

Issuu interview with Structo

Structo Magazine will be holding a workshop entitled  So Bad it’s Good: Adventures in Terrible Writing  on  Sunday 5th August  – 2.45pm to 4.30pm.  See the insert below for an interview with Structo Magazine! Click here for more workshop information   Open publication – Free publishing – More interview

Enlightening interview with Mike West

The Camden School of Enlightenment will be holding a workshop  with Mike West on Saturday 4th August  – 1.45pm – 2.45pm.  Mike West gives us some background on the group and event.  Check the poetry room tab for more information. What is the Camden School of Enlightenment? It’s a spoken word variety show that respects wisdom, inquiry and originality. […]

Two new poster designs!

Two AWESOME poster designs by the Walrus Zine girls… You gotta know their work! Sabba Khan – the yellow one! Sofia Niazi – the cute little dwarf one! and obviously they will be exhibiting and selling their zines and books at the IAPF2!!! xxx    

ReadHorse Zine’s promo video!

Promo Vid for The Read Horse@IAPF2 from Emma Jones on Vimeo.

Interview with Josefin Bergstrom

Who are you and what do you do? I’m Josefin Bergström. I am part of this festival with my graphic novel, ‘July In London’ and a storytelling postcard project I call ‘Journeying’. My aim here is to reach out in London with what I do, hopefully sell some things and meet people, maybe leading to […]

Design an IAPF flyer

The International Alternative Press Fair is just weeks away now! We have templates below for flyer designs at the links below if you are interested in designing and distibuting for the festival and fair.  ( The image below is A4 – feel free to work at A5 / A6 ) Please link any designs you […]

The Comix Reader with Richard Cowdry

The International Alternative Press Festival programme includes the launch and exhibition of the latest issue of the Comix Reader at GOSH! Comics shop with comic artist Mike Medaglia.  Comix reader editor Rich Cowdry speaks about the publication and his lack of involvement in this particular event. ___________ ___________ What is ‘The Comix Reader’? It’s a 24 page colour comic printed […]

An interview with Gareth Brookes

Alternative Press member Gareth Brookes has provided us with an exciting update on his upcoming graphic novel from his studio in New Zealand.  Check back for information of Gareth’s linocut workshop at the fair!

Lamb Conduit Street takeover

The programme for the 2nd Alternative Press Festival will include a week of varied exhibitions showcasing in a parade of independent shops in Lamb Conduit Street in Holborn. We spoke with organiser, artist and writer Tanya Meditzky to get some ambiguous insight on the event.           What are you doing? Organising […]