2014: Taking over, picnicing & popping – up!

We’ve had a proper exciting 2014 so far: our friends at the London Radical Bookfair invited us to help them TAKEOVER over the Bishopsgate Institute in May – we had the most awesome day and since then, we’ve been busy planning for TAKEOVER #2 in 2015 – get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

In August, we picniced in Hyde Park – in celebration and to draw inspiration from the traditions of Speakers’ Corner, and by gum what a lovely afternoon it was! With the sun blazing and with our DIY drawing boards, we set out our blankets down in full view of the Corner – spiritual home of soapbox oratory and the ‘right to speak’ – and the day was spent eating, drawing and conversating. Thanks to all who joined us – it was great to see all the AP regulars as well as meet new folk – especially those who were Corner veterans with stories from the 70’s and 80’s. It was so interesting to hear how the Speakers’ area has changed over the years and to see what ‘right to speak’ now translates to… We were left with one definite feeling – the very fact we have a public space to exercise free speech is a really beautiful thing, and we should treasure and champion it forever. Check out photos from the day below, as well as Sounds from the Park – an oral and visual project to find out more about the history of Speakers’ Corner.

And so, that brings us to October and WE’RE POPPING UP IN GREENWICH! From 24th to the 26th, we’ll be popped up and set up as shop south of the river to bring you EXHIBITION, ZINES, WORKSHOPS & SCREENINGS!

To take part: check out all the details here – and remember – deadline for submissions is Monday 13th October!

Look forward to seeing y’all soon!

Love AP xxx

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