Browner Knowle issue 6

I’m a lucky guy, being involved in this awesome scene means I am friends with some artists whom make me think about drawing, art and comics. Sometimes they send me work,and this was how I came to receive a copy of Paul Ashley Brown’s, Browner Knowle Issue 6. You can probably already get that this […]

Free the Zine Unicorns!

Hi, who is this? Really? Okay cool! So what do you do? How did you get started in self publishing? What inspires your work? I’ve never heard of a unicorn zinester before, is there a big community of creature-zinesters? who do hang out with? What would you say to anyone considering coming to this years […]

Lelia and malcolm from Housmans. Interview and Video.

Who are you and what do you do? Housmans Bookshop has been running for over 50 years and in that period has supported numerous causes ranging from Stop the War in Vietnam, Gay Liberation, Miners Strike, Anti-Globalisation and many others. The Bookshop has always stocked publications produced by either individuals or political groups which have […]

“I am the Walrus!”

Who are you and what do you do? We’re Sabba, Amneet , Sofia, Simone, Holly and Shamaila and together we make one fat Walrus. We make zines about very important things like deadly mosquitos, head scarves, underachieving frogs, the circus and even the plague. Three of us met while working at Harrods but we don’t […]


The full International Alternative Press Festival programme is here! The printed copy is available in various locations across London, soon to be listed. You can download the full programme pdf here now!  

Noriko Onohara from Japan

Hello, who’s this? It’s Noriko from Japan. Okay, so where are you calling from and what do you do? I am a fashion researcher based in Kobe and also writing poetry with three published books. London is my another home town to me so I’m trying coming back as often as possible. Since I got […]

Esther McManus on her work and Lamb’s Conduit Street exhibitions.

  Who’ s this?   My name is Esther McManus, and I am a screenprinter who draws comics. I print them and bind them too, sometimes. I’m currently working on a large scale comic called ‘The Elder’ and I produce prints and zines with Adam Ferner, often fairly mystical in nature. I will be bringing […]

Mike Medaglia on the Comix Reader Launch

The Comix Reader issue 4 will be launched on the eve of the International Alternative Press Festival fair weekend.  See details here!  We spoke with the event curator and comic  artist Mike Medaglia about the launch! Mike, you’re curating at exhibition at GOSH comics shop. Can you tell us a little about it? This will […]

Videos by Decadence Collective!

Two of our good friends and exhibitors at this year’s IAPF! Decadence is Stathis Tsemberlidis from Athens living in Copenhagen and Lando from Bristol, they make awesome sci-fi inspired comics anthologies, music and animations and films… They started self publishing in 2003 when they met at Kingston University while studying animation and they site their […]

Jerseys Para Los Monos! (Sweaters for the Monkeys!)

Who are you and what do you do? We are Jerseys para los Monos, a small independent publisher and zine distro from Asturias, a small green place in the north coast of Spain.  Jerseys para los Monos is run by Raquel Estrada-Nora and Manuel Griñón. We publish our own drawing zines and books and distribute […]