Interview with Dave Greene

The Alternative Press International Festival programme features an exhibition showcasing the work of David Ziggy Greene, an internationally acclaimed London based cartoonist. July 21st to August 5th, the Orbital gallery will hosting HUNG.  Dave introduces himself below!
 Dave, could you tell readers what it is you do?
I guess I draw stuff. All sorts of stuff. Good stuff? You have to decide.

You’re playing a big part in the Festival this year.  You’ve designed the Festival Programme, you have a 2-week exhibition at Oribital Comics Shop, and you’re launching your new book.  Can it get any bigger?

No way, dude. Big as it gets!!!

Speaking of size, you’re bigger in France than in the UK.  Pourquoi?
France experiences less air pressure and gravitational pull therefore a persons’ mass increases in France. I think. And you eat more.

Shallow people often say that people are the same everywhere, you wonder why they travel at all.  What’s the biggest difference between the French and the English?

Language is simply the biggest. And from that many of the smaller differences are formed: cultural attitudes, pace of life, humour etc.

What would you like to get out of this year’s Festival?


Merci Monsieur and au revoir

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