workshop: noun – a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

In addition to our awesome workshops below, from 11am – 4pm you can send a postcard to your member of parliament with OIMP! as well as have a go at the Printing Station run by the collaborative force of Animaux Circus and Studio Mothership! Using a mixture of letterpress and hand printing, the two awesome studios are inviting you to create your own printed summer cocktail, and will also be selling a selection of limited edition prints, hand printed postcards and other amazing design goodies!

Radical Reports: Illustrated Journalism in action 11am – 11.50am & 3pm – 4pm

radical reports Comic creator and acclaimed illustrative reporter David Ziggy Greene will present a talk and workshop on drawn journalism. David will talk about his approach and tips he has learned along the way of producing reports for Private Eye magazine and French newspaper Charlie Hebdo since 2010.

To help us document the TAKEOVER, we will be asking you to go out into the field to produce your own illustrated report of the day. Bring your pens, pencils, sketchpads, camera and skills of observation –  you’ll need them.

As well as the morning session, David will be around in the afternoon to help, answer questions and give a little editorial feedback. All reports will then be collected, published in a zine, and sent to you after the event.

Gareth Brookes’ Embroidery Circle 12pm – 12.50pm

Gareth Brookes Embroidery Circle

In the olden days production used to be a social activity. Before mechanisation and computerisation, making things used to be an excuse for a right old chin wag. And it wasn’t all just idle gossip, some of the most subversive and riotous ideas in British history were cooked up over the loom or spinning wheel. Unfortunately after the Luddites were hung such conversation was drowned out by the power loon, Heart FM, and today’s deafening spreadsheets.

Join Gareth Brookes as he hosts a thoroughly preindustrial embroidery circle, absolute beginners welcome, learn some ridiculously easy stitches and meet some nice people!

Finding the Story – Narrative in Illustration 1pm – 2pm

'Lulu - Extract from Protect & Survive' - Juliet Sugg

Ever wanted to create a comic but found yourself paralysed by the thought of coming up with a WHOLE story? Fear not – this workshop aims to help find ways of creating narrative, develop your ‘inner author’ and use illustration to tell stories. With Juliet Sugg and using a range of curious stimuli, you will explore technique and approach in sequential art to create individual comics/zines. Whether you are an artist looking to produce your own tales or a writer interested in working with illustration, this workshop aims to inspire ways of unlocking stories and getting beyond the blank page! 

Mini Zine Making 2pm – 3pm


Join One of My Kind (OOMK) for a mini zine making workshop with collage and simple paper folding binding techniques. OOMK is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication based upon the imaginations and creativity of women and serves as a platform for creative contributions from women of diverse ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. This is drop-in creative workshop for zine making with collage for all ages and acts as an informal introduction to self publishing with free materials.

PROWL HOUSE presents: Get Lucky 4pm – 5pm

Get Lucky Workshop

Novelist and screenwriter Jake Arnott leads a workshop on how to be inspired. Using chance and intervention to conjure ideas and generate stories we will experiment in ways of provoking the delinquent muse. Attendees will be given the opportunity to put their skills to the test and become published scribes; on leaving, writers will have 48 hours to turn around a 1,000 word short story, one of which will be published in the summer issue of PROWL magazine.

‘All of the novels of Jake Arnott are engaged in the excavation of secret histories, in the teasing out and restoration of events that have taken place beneath the surface of society’ Times Literary Supplement

Please note places are limited for these workshops. To reserve your place in advance email or alternatively sign up on the day.

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