Takeover Programme

Takeover Programme

workshop: noun – a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

Screen printing with Alternative Press and The Minesweeper Collective
12pm – 7pm, Gazebos in The Yard
Suggested donation £3

Everyone’s talking about the economy; budget cuts, deficits, quantitative easing, blah blah blah
AP & MC have decided to step in and take charge
If The Bank of England can print money from nothing, then what’s stopping us from doing it too?
In fact, why stick to the revered profiles of the Queen, Adam Smith and George Stephenson…
Who would you have as your national figurehead?
We want to give ownership back to the people!
Join us in The Yard and Make Your Own Money!

The Board Game Workshop with Fancy Butcher Press
12pm – 7pm, La Marquee in The Yard

Join Fancy Butcher Press for a day of drawing and game-playing. You’re invited to drop in over the course of the day to add to an unfolding illustrated adventure in the form of a giant board game. Design your own game piece figure, chance cards and ‘street scenes’ along the journey through a fantastical city. Later in the day, all who took part will meet up and play the game together!

Spoken word activism/rap/poetry/song/open mic
1.30pm – 6.30pm, in The Yard

Exercise your right of free speech from our soapbox! Sign up on the day and join a host of poets, rappers, writers, and activists for Speakers’ Corner in The Yard. A nod to and in the traditions of Hyde Park – the spiritual home of the British democratic tradition of soapbox oratory. All topics welcome – part scheduled, part open mic.

With Footprint Workers Co-op
12pm – 4pm, in The Garage
Zines sold for £1

Bring along an A5 written/drawn contribution – or do it during the event – and watch as all contributions are collated, risographed, folded, and stapled to create the Takeover Zine. All Exhibitors and Visitors are invited to make a page and over the course of the day will have helped to create over 100 zines!

Workshop with Juliet Sugg
4pm – 5.30pm, First Floor

Join surreal artist and illustrator Juliet in a fun, relaxed workshop which aims to help you access your imagination, spontaneity, and creativity. This workshop explores the notion of illustrating the radical and the unknown – producing images outside of conventional formats. Limited spaces – sign up on the day.

Workshop with Mike Medaglia
5.30pm – 7pm, First Floor

Join Mike and turn your favourite quote, song lyric, inspirational saying, or political slogan into a postcard illustration. Feel free to bring zines and books to inspire – all art materials provided. Limited spaces, sign up on the day.


Also a programme of talks, panel discussions, and book award ceremonies by our co-hosts the London Radical Bookfair – all information here

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