In awe of all of our talented friends – THEY MUST BE CELEBRATED!

The first be-ing Gareth Brookes, one time Alternative Press member, full time nice man. In celebration of the launch of Gareth’s debut graphic novel, The Black Project, London Print Studio will be hosting an exhibition featuring some of the original lino prints and embroideries that fill the amazing book – an exhibition which includes one or two surprise installations… Miss it and you’ll miss out…

The Black Project Exhibition Flyer

The Black Project is published by Myriad Editions as the winner of the First Graphic Novel Competition. Read some well-deserved reviews and order a copy here. We also recommend you read Gareth’s blog – it’s well funny.

Another one we couldn’t wait to get our grubby mitts on was Wu Wei – a beautiful anthology with an impressive list of contributors, edited by the seriously talented and lovely Mike Medaglia. The Broken Frontier review does a better job than any attempt I make trying to articulate the wonderfullness of this anthology, so it just makes better sense if you read it here.  Exploring spirituality through comics, Wu Wei should be purchased here.

Structo launched Issue 10 full of 10 stories and 10 poems which they say is a happy coincidence… one thing is for sure: supporting and publishing new writers and poets across the world is no mean feat and should be celebrated

Interested in politics? Philosophy? Art? Subversion? Sedition? Then support STRIKE! With only three issues under their belt, the radical newspaper is fast gaining the acclaim they deserve- in their own words “it’s a magazine, it’s a journal, it’s a carnival”

Other things we like:

Backwards Burd for many reasons but mainly because they are very nice and their comics are great. They’re also on the lookout for contributors to their anthologies – if interested get in touch

Creaturemag simply because its awesome

and last but no means least, Daniel Baldwin (the filmmaker not the actor) who is hard at work finishing his documentary about self publishing and the lead up to our first international festival in 2011. Check out the trailer Comics Are My Rock And Roll and his twitter page @1DanielBaldwin.

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