Noriko Onohara’s Renku Workshop…

Here is our renku of the 4th August, 2012 at Conway Hall. It was a brilliant session of your improvisational haiku poems. I appreciate the unique moment we could share. Thanks so much for your attendance. Noriko                       ***** I have no swimsuits lovers walk […]

Occupied Times.

Hi, who is this? This is Steve, founding editor of The Occupied Times. Oh, cool! So what is it you’ll be bringing to this year’s fair? Radical politics! We’ll be bringing lots of our last two issues of the paper, as well as back-issues from when we were producing the paper from St Paul’s I […]


The piece Dimitri Antorka-Pieri will be using to distract your mind during the Automatic Drawing workshop…

Browner Knowle issue 6

I’m a lucky guy, being involved in this awesome scene means I am friends with some artists whom make me think about drawing, art and comics. Sometimes they send me work,and this was how I came to receive a copy of Paul Ashley Brown’s, Browner Knowle Issue 6. You can probably already get that this […]

Free the Zine Unicorns!

Hi, who is this? Really? Okay cool! So what do you do? How did you get started in self publishing? What inspires your work? I’ve never heard of a unicorn zinester before, is there a big community of creature-zinesters? who do hang out with? What would you say to anyone considering coming to this years […]