The Comix Reader with Richard Cowdry

The International Alternative Press Festival programme includes the launch and exhibition of the latest issue of the Comix Reader at GOSH! Comics shop with comic artist Mike Medaglia.  Comix reader editor Rich Cowdry speaks about the publication and his lack of involvement in this particular event.

What is ‘The Comix Reader’?
It’s a 24 page colour comic printed on newsprint. The pages are roughly A3 size. It follows the underground comics tradition, featuring mainly personal or satirical stories. Most of the artists are based in the UK.
What’s its importance?It’s hard to say… somehow it still offers an alternative. It’s obviously completely different to the traditional comics mainstream, but it’s also not really an art school comic, although some contributors are RCA graduates. I hope it has some of the olde “carnival” energy where people have license to dress weirdly, act a bit crazy or have the freedom to say what they really want.

What has been the public’s reaction?Very good. A lot of people who have discovered it are delighted that something like it exists.

What can we expect at the exhibition?No idea – I’ve not heard or read anything about it.

Will you be there?  Why not!I won’t be there : I’m moving to Berlin in July. But I’m still planning to keep The Comix Reader going, and I could easily end up back in Britain before too long.

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