Mike Medaglia on the Comix Reader Launch

The Comix Reader issue 4 will be launched on the eve of the International Alternative Press Festival fair weekend.  See details here!  We spoke with the event curator and comic  artist Mike Medaglia about the launch!


Mike, you’re curating at exhibition at GOSH comics shop. Can you tell us a little about it?

This will be the second launch we will have at Gosh! for the Comix Reader. The first one was a great success and included original art from the issue, the first chance for people to pick up a copy of the paper and a ton of the artists there in person to chat with about their creative process. This upcoming event will surely be just as much fun!

You’re also a comics’ artist in your own right. What is your work about?

In my work I have been focusing on my own personal spirituality, which is inspired by teachings of Zen and Taoism.

You’re from Canada but living in the UK. New World to Old World. Has that made you feel older and more cynical, or can you still say “have a great day” with real enthusiasm? I visited the USA once, and I loved the way they say these things and mean it.

Haha, I do get a little shy when an ‘awesome!’ slips out, but over all I feel like London is my city and I truly belong here

How have you found the comics’ scene in London?

Fantastic and expanding at a rapid pace. It really is a special time with the art form changing and growing so quickly. It is hard to keep up.

You run a very well-attended monthly reading group. If people want to know more, have you a link for them?

It is a really great event for anyone who loves to read and chat about comics. Each month we look at one graphic novel and one small press book. Find out all the info at www.thinkingcomics.com

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