Jerseys Para Los Monos! (Sweaters for the Monkeys!)

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Jerseys para los Monos, a small independent publisher and zine distro from Asturias, a small green place in the north coast of Spain. 

Jerseys para los Monos is run by Raquel Estrada-Nora and Manuel Griñón. We publish our own drawing zines and books and distribute zines made by other people too. 
We have recently started selling screen printed stuff such as zines, prints and bags.
Where are you based?
East London, closer to the Olympics than we would like to be.  300 meters away from our window we see a tower full of missiles and soldiers.
How did you get started in self publishing?
 We started publishing Manu´s drawings in black and white photocopied zines back in 2007. By then he was studying graphic design and began drawing a lot, and getting interested in diy culture. 
Raquel used to read lots of punk zines in the late 90´s and we had a few friends who were into self-publishing, so we thought it would be a good fun idea to do it ourselves too.
What inspires your work?

Lots of different things. I guess at the moment we have a politics and the crazy economical situation is a big inspiration, and all the impact that money is having in human relationships and the way everything works. Sometimes it really puts us down and some other times it inspires us to express ourselves in order to do something against it. 

Music inspires us a lot too, and so does human behaviour, art, nature, and all the crap we are supposed to believe in our everyday lives.
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