Interview with Josefin Bergstrom

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Josefin Bergström. I am part of this festival with my graphic novel, ‘July In London’ and a storytelling postcard project I call ‘Journeying’. My aim here is to reach out in London with what I do, hopefully sell some things and meet people, maybe leading to future collaborations or whatever interesting things that come.
Where are you based?
I’m just moving to London from Stockholm, Sweden, two days prior to this festival. Being new in London my eyes are wide open for collaborations, possibilities and new friends.
How did you get started in self publishing?
I have always been drawn to artist books, fanzines, old postcards and prints. Being in art school I’ve had time to experiment with making and  compiling small and different kinds of paper based projects. ‘July In London’ is my first self-published project. It’s a graphic novel or a kind of compilation of drawings telling a story. I would however also love to have it officially published, although it’s quite new so I haven’t gotten around to asking anyone yet, but I will.
What inspires your work?
When telling a story, I am mostly inspired by films and the possibilities of telling a story through images. My work is about life and looking at the world around me. I get inspired by different locations, the location of where I am is a great base from which I can tell a story. I have a big love for the act of drawing in itself, and I don’t like to decide too much of where a story-project is going beforehand. I am interested in the process of getting there and the letting go of control over the end result, which will still be a product of my choices and editing. I get inspired by artists, filmmakers, writers and illustrators, working openly and intuitively.
Where is your work available?
At the moment ‘July In London’ is for sale at ‘Gosh’, Soho and ‘Mega City Comics’ in Camden under the small press section. It’s also possible to order it and view other projects through my website:

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