Lamb Conduit Street takeover

The programme for the 2nd Alternative Press Festival will include a week of varied exhibitions showcasing in a parade of independent shops in Lamb Conduit Street in Holborn. We spoke with organiser, artist and writer Tanya Meditzky to get some ambiguous insight on the event.






What are you doing?

Organising a collection of exhibitions in shops, mostly on Lambs Conduit St, Bloomsbury in London.

Why do you want to do this?

Because there are a lot of great things being made that are under exposed; to give visitors to the International Alternative Press Fair (IAPF) more to explore, and to insert this kind of work into a non-comic environment and see what happens – a bit like continental comic fairs which spread through a city.

What was the response from the shops?
Mostly positive.

Do they think you strange?
Who doesn’t?

Roughly when will it be?
21st July – 5th August. Roughly.

They should do a soap “Lambs Conduit Street”, and instead of the usual miserable TV soaps that show a bunch of strangers moaning and pretending to be unhappy, you just have people going shopping, having a coffee and generally taking it easy.  No serious social problems would be addressed, but that’s good, we have enough of them every day in real life.

‘Watching People Shop’ would probably be a very successful TV show.

The work of the talented Tanya Meditzky can be found at:


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